Great Easton Defibrillator Update –    

The Parish Council has installed a defibrillator within the village.

A defibrillator is a computerised medical device that can be used to save a life following a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Studies have shown that you have less than 5 minutes from a SCA to save the life. The chances of survival decrease by 23% per minute beyond this period. A SCA can happen to any of use at any time. A defibrillator is estimated to be 10 times more effective in saving a life than any other community healthcare scheme.


Anyone can use a defibrillator – even YOU!!

The Great Easton defibrillator is in the old phone box outside the shop

If you think someone’s heart might have stopped, don’t stop to check; call for help – then:

• When there are two of you, one person should go to get the defibrillator
Take a mobile phone with you (there is no phone in the phone box anymore)
Note where the casualty is so you can tell the Emergency Services
Call 999, ask for ‘Ambulance’ and follow their instructions.
• They will give you a code to open up the defibrillator box and talk you through what to do.

You don’t need training and you cannot make a mistake when using the defibrillator – just follow the instructions

Go and look in the phone box and see what our defibrillator looks like – there is an instruction sheet there with it.

Then in an emergency, you’ll know where it is and what to do with it!