Great Easton Tree Report 2024

Tree Report Clarks Place Schedule 2024

Tree Report Old Remembrance Garden Schedule 2024

Tree Report Village Hall Schedule 2024

LCC Great Easton Tree Survey 2016

Great Easton Village Tree Report 2016

Legal Agreement for Permissive Footpath

Street Lighting Contract001


Flood Alleviation. The following reports have been produced relating to potential flood alleviation measures for Great Easton:

Initial comments on WSP report (Rev 2)

WSP Initial Assessment Flood Report for Great Easton

Great Easton – Flood report

Great Easton Flood Notes Report

Friends of GE Brook Letter October 2020

Planning for the Future”. This sets out for consultation the Governments proposals on how it will seek to deliver its new housebuilding targets of 300,000 dwellings each year.

The Parish Council has been encouraged to comment and all members of the public are also invited to contribute to the debate if they wish. The White Paper along with the Parish Council’s comments can be found on the links below. There is also a link to the government site “Planning for the Future”

Great Easton white paper consultation 2020


Sun Inn car Park and War memorial new layout proposal

Stone Acres Proposed Housing development