Harborough District Council is the local planning authority for Great Easton and has responsibility for considering and deciding upon all planning applications relating to the village.

Information relating to planning applications from Great Easton can be accessed on the Harborough District Council planning website.

All applications relating to the village are notified to the Parish Council by Harborough District Council and undecided planning applications are placed on the Agenda for each monthly Parish Council meeting until such time as they have been decided. Depending on the type of application, it can take several months between an application being submitted and a decision being made by Harborough District Council to :

  • approve
  • approve with conditions
  • or reject and application

On occasions, the application may be withdrawn by the applicant.

In making its decision, Harborough District Council is required to take account of any concerns received from members of the public and the Parish Council. It must also consult with other statutory bodies responsible for matters such as Highways, Transport and Drainage.

The Planning decision will take account of all views submitted, but Harborough District Council is not required to accept the views of local residents or the Parish Council, only to take them into account.