We are organising events for the Platinum Jubilee and have the following planned activities thus far:

Scarecrow competition

Thursday 2nd June – hog roast and beacon lighting at Rectory farm

Saturday 3rd June – sports day ( specifics to be suggested )

Sunday 4th June – The Big Lunch street party

We need ideas and volunteers to help so please come along to the open evening at Great Easton Village Hall on Monday February 28th at 7:30pm. We can’t do it without your help so come along and make the Jubilee a village community success.

Click here for information.







The Great Easton Recreation Ground Adult Fitness Equipment, Zip Wire and Covered Area

The preparation of the Great Easton Village Neighbourhood Plan included canvassing residents on facilities that they would like to see provided in the village. Amongst the most popular requests was the provision of adult outdoor exercise equipment for Clarke’s Piece Recreation Ground and high on the list for younger residents was a zip wire and covered meeting area. As this is a natural development of the existing facilities at the recreation ground, the Parish Council set about investigating how best to meet these objectives from the Neighbourhood Plan.  A sub-committee was formed in February 2021 with Bob Wilson, Paul Brittain, Teresa Chapman, Bob Mitchell and Charlie Jefferson (as chair of the Recreation Ground Committee). The reports of this sub-committee have been reported in Parish Council minutes.

The group had 2 principal tasks; to research existing facilities in nearby villages to look at the most suitable equipment and suppliers for Great Easton; and to find a funding route that would provide a grant to buy the facilities. As part of the research into existing facilities, Teresa and Bob consulted with fellow residents of all ages on what they would want to see and use and spoke to the people responsible for managing the neighbouring facilities to find out what worked best and what to avoid. This research culminated in the following facilities being chosen:


1     Double sit up bench

1     Combi pull DOWN challenger and power push

1     Rower

1     Double leg press/ squat push

1     Ski Stepper or Sky Stepper

1     Surfer/ air skier/ double slalom skier

1     Spinning bike

  • Rusland seat

1     Zip wire run with launch platform of 25-30m length using an area no more than 3m wide.

1     Covered seating area installed on a suitable base that will protect the ground from wear and tear.


To pay for the facilities the sub-committee applied to the FCC Communities Fund for a grant.  In 2010, known then as WREN, the same charity helped fund the original play equipment at Clarke’s Piece and it made sense to take this route as a natural enhancement to the recreation ground facilities.  The application was submitted in June 2021, and we were informed that it had been successful this September. The terms of the grant required match funding from the Parish Council of 11% of the project cost and this was approved by the Parish Council prior to the application.

The process now is to obtain revised bids from the companies that provided the original quotations for the application and, in conjunction with FCC, select a contractor to supply and install the equipment. Progress on the project and when it will be completed will be reported to the Parish Council with regular updates in the news section of this website.

Great Easton –  Wildflower Verges Update March 2021 

In 2021 the Parish Council will be continuing with Leicestershire County Council’s Wildflower/Verge initiative in the village.  Currently we have two areas in the village where the verges are only cut once in the summer to encourage wildflowers and other biodiversity instead of having just boring grass!!  The corner of Pitchers Lane and Broadgate is one area, the other is on Church Bank near the shop.

The rest of the verges in the village are cut 6 times a year by Leicestershire County Council with cutting due to start in April. The blue-grey hearts that have been installed by LCC (carefully avoiding any buried cables etc.) at the two locations show these areas are part of LCC’s wildflower verges scheme.  They also help the grass-cutting gangs to know which areas should not be mowed during their regular cut.

The primroses and celandines are already enjoying the sun on Pitcher’s Lane, and although they aren’t wildflowers here, the daffodils planted at the corner with Broadgate and those on Church Bank look lovely too.

LCC arranged for botanical surveys of the two areas in June 2020 by expert volunteers at Naturespot and you can see the results of the surveys on our dedicated parish page on the Naturespot website using these links:

The great news is that there is no need for us to seed the areas with wildflowers as there’s a good range of species there already – all we need to do is to encourage the wildflowers by cutting the long vegetation once in summer after 15th July and removing the cut vegetation. Wildflowers thrive in poorer soils with less nutrients, so removing the cut material helps the wildflowers compete against the grass, which likes lots of compost. Naturespot will do another survey this summer and are happy to have interested volunteers joining them (Covid 19 permitting) – contact Charlotte Johnston if you are interested.

Last summer we had a great response from quite a few folk coordinated by Bob Wilson, who strimmed the area in early August and took away the cuttings for green waste  – so we’ll be looking for volunteers again in the summer when the weather is more encouraging!!  Leah Karibian and Margaret Stamp took photos of the team doing the work.

Eyebrook Bird Feeds (who sell wildflower seed as well as bird seed – see ) have also offered to provide wildflower seed and sponsor a small wildflower bed at the Village Hall. Volunteers led by Alice Murdock will shortly prepare some of the ground behind the Village Hall ready to be seeded this spring.  We are also planning to establish a strip of wildflower meadow at the recreation ground, aiming for preparation of the ground and seeding in autumn 2021.

If you would like to volunteer and get involved in maintenance, please contact Bob Wilson (at 47 High Street, or 01536 770912)
If you want more information on the project contact Charlotte Johnston (at 15 Cross Bank, or 01536 772271)
Anyone with wildflower or insect identification or photography skills who would like to record the plants and insects from these areas is especially encouraged to get involved!



COVID – 19  Coronavirus 

Update from Leicestershire County Council of Household Waste Recycling Centres –

Please see the link below for the latest information on the Household Waste Recycling Centres, they will re-open on Monday 18th May 2020, they will only be taking certain waste streams and anyone wishing to use the centres will need to book a slot.

Information can be found here


During this difficult time for everyone, the village has really pulled together to support each other, with a wide variety of formal and informal support networks in place. The Parish Council continues to operate and its priority is to ensure that all villagers have the relevant information and are able to access the variety of help and assistance that is available.

This notice briefly summarises the current advice and support that is available. As we are all aware, the situation is constantly evolving and this is likely to be the case for the immediate future. Whilst we are lucky to be living in a friendly and supportive community, there are still people amongst us who are lonely and vulnerable and need support.


New regulations enable the Parish Council to hold meetings remotely – (The Local Authorities (Coronavirus) Flexibility of Local Authority Meetings (England) Regulations 2020. The Parish Council is continuing to maintain the scheduled monthly meetings using Zoom conferencing and the agenda will include details to facilitate public access.

The Parish Council intends to continue to operate as normally as possible, including scheduling the Annual meeting in July, meeting the annual audit requirements and current transparency regulations.


Street Coordinators. A named contact person(s) has been publicised for each street within the village,  who has made initial contact with each resident and provides a first point of contact if there is an unmet need.

Prescription collection. A prescription collection service for prescriptions from Uppingham Surgery operates daily using volunteer Collectors, administered by the Clerk – contact: or Tel: 01536 772159.

Nextdoor website. The Nextdoor website, which reaches over 70% of residents, provides a current means of publicising advice and information, with daily updates and interaction.

HARBOROUGH DISTRICT COUNCIL  – Harborough District Council has created a Community Hub and distributed a letter to residents advising that the Community Hub is available to anyone who finds themselves unable to access the necessary support locally. A copy of the letter can be found here which details the various ways to access the Hub. The Hub will then notify a nominated local contact to organise the necessary response. To access, go to: or call 01858 821232.

THE VILLAGE SHOP/POThe outstanding service provided by Mark and Diane, assisted by Sally in the Village Shop is appreciated throughout the village and surrounding communities. To maintain a well stocked shop with 7 day opening is a vital contribution to daily life in the village and an important focal point for the community.

THE CHURCHAlthough St Andrews Church is officially shut the Rector and Church secretary are communicating using a variety of social media outlets to hold remote services and provide support. A letter giving the various links is attached here.
Contacts are:
Rector: Rev Stephen Bishop .Email:
Tel: 01858 565933
Secretary: Maria Wightman. Email:
Tel: 07802 246257

If anyone has any questions please email the Parish Council at


Farmers in the village have at various times in the past, raised concerns about walkers and dog walkers passing through Farmland on the designated footpaths/rights of way.
The Parish Council has been asked to remind residents and dog walkers to respect the limits of the various footpaths which pass through Farmland, to keep their dogs under control, particularly in fields of livestock, and to ensure that dog mess, which can be a hazard to livestock, is cleared up in the same way as it is in the village.
It is very shortly lambing time and all residents and dog walkers are asked to be aware of their responsibilities when walking in the countryside.

The landowner of the ‘old railway track’ has informed the Council that the current Agreement allowing public access to the track is to be terminated. As the current Agreement expires on 31 January 2018, access will not be permitted after that date. Residents are asked to note this change to access.

Food Bank – Village Donations to Local Corby Foodbank.

Within the village we are collecting food for the Trussell Foodbank in Corby. The collection will be ongoing throughout the year.

Everyone is invited to give generously from the list of items noted below:

Most Needed Items

  • UHT or powdered milk
  • Sugar
  • Fruit Juice cartons (UHT)
  • Instant coffee
  • Instant mashed potato
  • Tinned items – sponge pudding, rice pudding, meat or fish, fruit

Needed Items –

  • Pasta Sauces
  • Rice
  • Jam
  • Biscuits/ Snack bar
  • Teabags