Statutory Consultation Notification to Stakeholders

NP Statutory Consultation letter to Stakeholders


Pre Submission Neighbourhood Plan and Associated Appendices

GENP – Draft (2) Consultation Statement













appendix 11 community facilities

appendix- 12 – Housing Site Selection Explanatory Note

Great Easton Basic Conditions Statement

Decision Document For Designating The Great Easton Neighbourhood Area


Pre-Submission Regulation 14 Consultation

Comment Form

GENP Pre-Submission Consultation as at 19 Jan 17

NP Statutory Consultation letter to Stakeholders



Documents used to help the Neighbourhood Plan

Public Site Sustainability Summary – May 2016

Sustainable Housing Sites Assessment Framework

Site Assessments

1 Barnsdale Sub Plot A (SHLAA Ref HSG/02)

2 Barnsdale Sub Plot B (SHLAA Ref HSG/02)

3 Barnsdale Sub Plot C (SHLAA Ref HSG/02)

4 Clarkes Dale Extension Site (SHLAA Ref HSG/04)

5 Stockerston Lane Expansion Site SHLAA Ref HSG/05)

6 Chicken Shed Site to the Rear of 2 High Street

7 Broadgate Extension Site SHLAA Ref HSG/03)

8 Station Cottages, Caldecott Border

9 Paddock to the Rear of 22 Broadgate

10 Clarkes Farm off Great Easton Road

11 Land to the Rear of 14-18 Caldecott Road

12 Brook Lane Paddock

13 Easton Square Extension

14 Castle View Stables

15 Barnsdale House Extension Site (SHLAA Ref HSG/02) (Part of)


Terms of Reference

GENP Terms of Reference Steering Group 2

GENP Terms of Reference Steering Group 1


Additional NP Documents and Information


Great Easton HNS NDP questionnaire 2015

NP – Questionnaire Covering letter

School Questionnaire Survey

Great Easton NDP SEA Screening and Determination December 2016

Great Easton Examiner’s Report – FINAL

Great Easton Housing Needs Survey Neighbourhood Planning issues report – September 2015

Great Easton Referendum Version 2 – Sept 2017

Great Easton Neighbourhood Plan Information Statement Dec 2017








GE Newsletter April 2015

GE Newsletter November 2015

GE Newsletter September 2016