The Parish Council receives from Harborough District Council a weekly list of all new planning applications it has received and recent planning decisions it has made for the whole of the Harborough District area.

Set out below is a summarised list of all undecided current applications relating only to Great Easton. This summarised list on the Parish Council website will be updated each week to reflect new information from Harborough. New applications will be added and applications which have been decided or withdrawn will be removed from the list.

Once approved, rejected or withdrawn, Applications will remain on this Current Planning Applications list for 3 months.

Date ReceivedPlan NumberName of ApplicantNature And Location of DevelopmentAdditional Status Information
22 Dec 201212/01823/TCADr E CravenWorks to trees - Brookside House, Brook Lane.
13 Jul 201612/01052/LCCLeicestershire County CouncilVariation of condition 3 to permit a change in roof material on the 3 classroom block - Bringhurst Primary School, Great Easton Road
2 Sept 201616/01405/DDDNotification of dying acacia tree - 1 Bransdale
13 Dec 201616/02008/FULMrs J CockerErection of Oak Framed Garage - Yew Tree Cottage 19 Brook LaneApproved 7 Feb 2017
21 Dec 2016Mrs D JordanSingle Storey extension - 30 Barnsdale revised scheme of 16/01814/FULApproved 15 Feb 2017
22 Dec 201616/01654/PCDMrs S AranDischarge of conditions and 15 ref 16/00380 Broadgate Development
23 Dec 201616/02092/TPOMr and Mrs RiseleyWorks to trees - 20 BarnsdaleApproved 14 Feb 2017
9 Jan 201717/00015/LBCLangton HomesVarious internal and external works towards the renovation of Barnsdale House - 17 BarnsdaleApproved 18 Apr 2017
20 Jan 201717/00082/PCDMulberry HomesDischarge of Condition 4 (affordable housing report) of 16/00380 - 28 BroadgateApproved 16 Mar 2017
23 Jan 201717/00086/FULMr A DownErection of Agricultural Poly tunnel and building on land - Off Stockerston LaneApproved 20 Mar 2017
23 Jan 201717/00120/LBC
Langton HomesVarious internal and external works towards the renovation of the annexe to Barnsdale HouseApproved 8 Feb 2017
25 Jan 201717/00106/TCAMr G IronsWorks to trees - The cuttings, Church BankApproved 20 Mar 2017
30 Jan 201717/00140/LBCMr P BairdAlterations to outbuildings - 8 BarnsdaleApproved 24 Mar 2017
10 Feb 201717/00271/PCDLangton HomesDischarge of Condition 5 (swallow nesting box) of 16/02018/FUL - The annexe 15 BarnsdaleApproved 8 Mar 2017
16 Feb 201717/00245/FULMr IrelandErection of single storey rear extension - 7 Church BankApproved 12 Apr 2017
16 FEB 201717/00248/PCDMrs T UppalDischarge of condition 5 ( surface materials of 14/00248/FUL - Banbury LaneApproved 30 Mar 2017
21 FEB 201717/00252/OUTDr and Mrs SellersOutline planning application for 8 dwellings with vehicular access. (revised scheme of 15/01904/OUT)
23 FEB 201717/00288/FULMainline Properties LtdErection of 2 storey rear extension and first floor rear extension - 48 High Street.Approved 18 Apr 2017
3 Mar 201717/00355/TCATreespace - Parish CouncilWork to trees in Church BankApproved 12 Apr 2017
3 Mar 201717/00390/TCATreespace - Parish CouncilWorks to trees in Cemetary - Caldecott RoadApproved 12 Apr 2017
3 Mar 201717/00391/TCATreespace - Parish CouncilWorks to trees 50 High street HDC TPO ref 50Approved 7 Apr 2017
15 Mar 201717/00426/FULBringhurst Primary SchoolErection of new Nursery building and associated landscaping
28 Mar 201717/00509/TPOMr R Richardson Works to trees - Great Easton Manor
19 Apr 201717/00616/NMAMulberry HomesNon material amendments to various plots phase 1
20 Apr 201717/00650/TCAMr and Mrs McKeggieWorks to trees - Tangleweed, Banbury Lane