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Great Easton is situated in South East Leicestershire within the Harborough District. The old-village-mapvillage has 278 residences and around 531 inhabitants.

For more detailed information about the village and the Great Easton community please go to the village home page


Proposal for Great Easton Village Gateways –

Each village entrance should be marked by rustic-style gates on either verge, linked up to the 30 limit. There will be new village signs and the whole village gateway will be tidied up. On the road, there will be “dragon’s teeth” similar to those already on Barnsdale, which will be supplemented by a “30” rounded and some white lines across the road. All this can be done for an outlay of around £1600.00, if local people are prepared to join in the installation of the gates.
We are also looking in to a flashing speed sign for Caldecott Road, similar to that in use at Hallaton duck pond but this would , of course be more expensive.
If anyone has any questions please email the Parish Council at


Great Easton Parish Councillors

Phil Long Chairman and Neighbourhood Planning- Wesleyan Chapel, High Street
Alice Murdock Tree Warden and Village Hall Representative
Charlotte Johnston Police Liaison, Community and Heritage
Greta Vizma Street Lighting
Lucy Walsh Transparency and Communication plus Neighbourhood Planning
Paul Brittain Planning and Vice Chairman


Parish Clerk and Responsible Finance Office( RFO) –  David Gibley – 3 Banbury Lane, Great Easton, LE16 8SF

This site satisfies the statutory requirement on the Parish Council to provide transparency through publication of its proceedings.


Contact the Parish Council by emailing – or go to the Contact Us page.


Web links and additional info –

The Community Forum is Rural East
The District Council is Harborough District Council
The County Council is Leicestershire County Council
The Neighbourhood Policing unit is Harborough North