Village Flood Alleviation

The Parish Council has formed a small sub committee to further the work within the village concerning flood alleviation. Two reports have been complied by Mr Mike Yates and Mr Mel Christie, both of which provide interesting background, statistics and a range of possible flood alleviation measures for future consideration. Both reports have been forwarded to the Lead Local Flood Agency (LLFA) at Leicester County Council, together with a request from the Parish Council for a review of flood prevention measures within the village.

The reports mentioned above can be found on the links below.

Great Easton Flood Notes Report

Great Easton – Flood report


Food Bank – Village Donations to Local Foodbank

Within the village we are collecting food for the Trussell Foodbank in Corby. The collection will be ongoing throughout the year.

Everyone is invited to give generously from the list of items noted below:

Most Needed Items

  • UHT or powdered milk
  • Sugar
  • Fruit Juice cartons (UHT)
  • Instant coffee
  • Instant mashed potato
  • Tinned items – sponge pudding, rice pudding, meat or fish, fruit

Needed Items –

  • Pasta Sauces
  • Rice
  • Jam
  • Biscuits/ Snack bar
  • Teabags
  • Tinned Items – vegetables, tomatoes

Please deliver all donations to boxes which have been placed in both the church and the village hall, where the boxes will be emptied regularly.

Thank you very much for your support. This is a great chance for everyone within the village to get involved and help.

Great Easton – Permissive Footpath and Broadgate Development

A brief update on the latest information concerning the permissive footpath along the Old Railway Line and the Development above Broadgate is given below, as both subjects are of current interest to a number of residents.

The Permissive Footpath –

The permissive footpath is now reopened, initially for the period to the 30th June and, subject to the proposed developments at Barnsdale and the Stables, eventually “in perpetuity”. This follows an agreement between the Neighbourhood Plan, the Parish Council, Raj Uppal and the current owners, Bybrook Builders. The formal agreement has been lodged with HDC, which will be updated at the end of the initial period. A copy of the agreement and further information can be found here.

The key points are that the footpath is for walkers and their dogs, during daylight hours, from the end of Gatehouse Lane along to the second gate. The recently erected high metal gate will be replaced with a further gate but at normal gate height. This walk will eventually form part of a circular walk leading back into the village above Barnsdale.

There is a current problem concerning vandalism and illegal use by motorcyclists. The cooperation of all is requested to help resolve this.


Broadgate Development –

As all will be aware this development is now in full swing and an on-site meeting was held on Tuesday 17th January 2017 between representatives of the PC and Mulberry Developments to discuss a number of issues which have arisen and to establish an agreed contact procedure.

The following points arose during the discussion, which was very positive throughout.

  • Duration – The overall development is planned to be completed by late spring 2018 but the large majority of heavy vehicle movements will cease by the late summer.
  • Timings – The site is open between 8am -6pm on weekdays and occasionally Saturday am. Vehicle movements will be scheduled where possible to not before 8.30am.
  • Parking – Vehicles should not normally park on Broadgate, as the on site parking is now on-site.
  • Footpaths – Vehicle drivers will be reminded to not drive on the relatively weak footpaths.
  • Damage – Mulberry have completed a dilapidation report of the road and footpaths prior to work commencing and will reinstate the roadway and footpaths to the pre-existing standard or better at the end of the construction period.
  • Mud – A road sweeper is in operation on a daily basis and also includes other parts of the village. Workers will be requested to remove mud from their boots before leaving the site.
  • Contact – The normal point of contact, in particular concerning any complaints, is through the Parish Council Clerk, David Gibley,at who is in regular liaison with the Site Manager.