What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A Neighbourhood Plan enables communities to shape planning policy in their area. It can be used to:

  • Develop a shared vision for the neighbourhood
  • Choose where new homes and other development should be built
  • Identify and protect important local green spaces and buildings
  • Determine what new buildings should look like

This allows local people a powerful new opportunity to plan the future of their communities.

The Neighbourhood Plan needs to demonstrate that it has been subject to the widest possible consultation and the final result has to be voted on by the community.

The whole process is lead by the Parish Council and due to the rising political importance of the Neighbourhood Plans and their influence on future developments, Great Easton Parish Council, at its meeting on the 6th October 2014, decided to form a steering group, which would become a sub-committee of the Parish Council to take this project forward.

The committee meets every 4 weeks.

Introducing The Committee

Roger Bowder – Chairman Richard Barribal
David Gibley – Secretary Lucy Walsh
Neil Mckay Ian Drummond
Gary Kirk Brian Hemmings
Phil Long Bob Mitchell
Ela Yates John Boulter
Julia Weaver Heather Ingram


If you have any questions for the committee then please email clerk@greateastonparishcouncil.org

Neighbourhood Plan Consultation  Update 

Following the Harborough District Council consultation, the Neighbourhood Plan, together with the consultation responses and supporting documents was forwarded to the Independent Examiner for his examination of the Plan and his final report.

The report has now been received and the Inspector recommends in his summary that “it is appropriate to make the Neighbourhood Plan” and has recommended to Harborough District Council that “subject to the modifications proposed, the Great Easton Neighbourhood Plan should proceed to a Referendum”.

The Referendum version of the Neighbourhood Plan, which incorporates the Examiner’s recommendations, can be found here. This version was approved by both the Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee and the Parish Council at a joint meeting on 10th July with the recommendation that it should now be passed to Harborough District Council (HDC), as the Local Planning Authority.

Once HDC have approved the Plan the final stage will be the ‘Village Referendum’ which will be organised by HDC on similar lines to a local election.

Further details will be publicised once the referendum date is known.